• Loyalty Application

    SSK Corporation offers Loyalty Management tools which help companies grow their revenues by working on retention of their customers and investor. To make this process more user- friendly and end-to-end, our team of consultants works with your team, by being physically present onsite or through technology. Our solutions help integrate business intelligence with our loyalty strategies to reach accurate conclusions.

  • Gift Card Application

    Plastic gift cards have become nothing less than The Next Big Thing during recent holiday seasons. They’re convenient, affordable, and appealing to consumers. Gift cards are the perfect choice for any occasion.

    SSK Corporation offers gift cards which can be printed in Single to full color on both sides, and can be produced with a barcode or magnetic stripe programmed to work your point of sale systems (credit card reader)software for tracking, re-loading and storing customer information (which can be pulled up, each time the card swiped through the system.) Our cards can also be printed with a signature panel or numbering for customer identification purposes.

  • E-Purse Application

    SSK Corporation offers E-Purse Application which is a onetime investment;simple to setup and which can be used as standalone package.This application can be customised according to your need.With smart cards it is easy to load points (which translate to money)at any time.You can issue cards to unlimited number of people.Plastic graphically enhanced smart cards are assumed to be more valuable to customers than cardboard coupons or low value cards.

    This application can be used in Store, restaurant, service shop, gift shop, library, bar, University, gym, heath club, gaming establishment, coffee shop, book store, car garage, taxi....you name it.

  • Library Automation

    SSK Corporation and returning of books with the help of RFID enabled modules. It directly provides the book information and library member information to the library management system without any need of manual typing.

    It also provides monitoring and searching system. The monitoring module will continuously monitor the movement of books across the gates, so that the books taken out without prior issuing will be traced out easily and will alarm the librarians. The searching module provides the fast searching of books using RFID handheld reader. It will also help in Accounting/Stock verification of the materials.

  • Campus Managemet

    Education in India is making an attempt to meet global standards with holistic education and a secure environment conducive to students and faculty is of prime importance.

    A complete enhancement of function and processes can be achieved through automation technologies for better management and security. RFID based solutions like Campus Management, Library Management; Time Attendance Systems find fit in these scenarios.

    SSK Corporation with its expertise in the field of automation and pool of experience has developed solutions which integrate the various processes within a campus and build them on a single platform, making it easier and hassle free for people to use.

    Wholesome Campus Management System includes:-
    A.Time Attendance & Access Control System.
    B. Library mangement System.
    C.Canteen E-Purse Management System.
    D.RFID based Schools Bus Tracking System.

  • Livestock Tracking

    One of the earliest applications of RFID has been in animal tracking. Since livestock assets are constantly on the move, traditional methods of identification and data collection have proven quite inefficient, especially in the case of large herds. RFID overcomes the shortcomings of manual tracking by being fast and accurate without requiring a visual or line of sight reading. Since radio signals harmlessly penetrate body tissue and most other materials, RFID tags can be safely attached or even implanted inside livestock and will last for the entire lifetime of the animal. Using a unique numbered RFID tag provides a very efficient method of identifying animal and collecting data far more quickly. Each unique RFID tag can be linked to a database that includes that animal’s specific information such as data of birth, inoculations, breeding specifics such as blood relation and more.

  • Hospital Management

    High Frequency RFID Solution System from SSK Corporation enables heath care providers to reliably track hospital supplies, medical equipment and patients records. Our hospital management system includes RFID tags and readers for instant deployment. The RFID solution kit improves patient safety and hospital efficiency by automated data capture.

    The RFID patient tracking kit contains passive RFID wristbands, a PDA handheld reader, a desktop HF reader and necessary software. Doctors and Medical staff can immediately identify a patient and the medical record with a PDA Handheld reader and update current information to the system.

    With non-allergenic silicon and waterproof design, the one-time using RFID wristband is suitable for hospital patient management such as patient monitoring, medication record and newborns tracing in hospital settings. HF reader and PDAHandheld reader are used for wristband information collection and transfer.

  • Inventory Management

    The more information you have your inventory, the fewer inventories you need to have. SSK Corporation has bar code and RFID labeling solutions which can be used to accurately identify inventory throughout your storage, handling, and distribution processes. Whether you want simple serial numbers or advanced identification solutions to provide customer, configuration, and traceability data, SSK Corporation has printer, label, bar code, RFID and software solutions to bring accuracy and visibility to your inventory control operations.

    We start with printing and applying labels right at the receiving and processing areas with wireless, mobile, and cart- mounted printers to eliminate mistakes and unidentified items. Inventory Management System prevent shipping errors by matching inventory ID labels with packing lists. We help in tracking and protecting inventory efficiently with RFID solutions.

  • Various other RFID/Smart Card Based Applications are as follows

    A. RFID for Access Control
    B. RFID for construction
    C. RFID for Data Centres
    D. RFID for Event Management
    E. RFID for Field Service
    F. RFID for Fleet Maintenance
    G. RFID for Manufacturing
    H. RFID for Parking Control
    I. RFID for People Tracking
    J. RFID for Retail
    K. RFID for Supply Chain
    L. RFID for Utilities
    M. RFID for Waste Management