Contact Cards

Contact Smart Cards are the size of a credit card. A metallic chip is embedded inside the plastic card with a microprocessor and memory. They are widely used in network security access control, e commerce, electronic cash and as health cards in network security, access control, e-commerce, electronic cash and as health card. The chip is visible on the surface of the card.

Contactless Cards

As the name suggests, the contactless cards do not directly come in contact with the reader. These cards have an antenna and chip built in the card. It is not visible on the surface of the card. The antenna and chip of the contactless cards is used to communicate with the card reader for reading and writing data on the card. The working of these cards is based on radio frequency identification technology. These cards are used as parking cards. student identification and electronics passports.

Contactless Cards are classified in 3 parts:

1. Low Frequency: Proximity card(2-10cm) smart card

Chip Available:- Tk4100, EM4102, EM4450, T5577 T5567 Hitag1, HitagS256, HitagS2048, 125KHz HID chip are all 125KHz chip

2. High Frequency: Mid long distance smart card(10-80cm)

Chips Available : Mifare 1K S50, Mifare ultra light U10, Mifare Desfire, ICODE SLI, ICODE SLI-S, Ti2048, Ti256, INSIDE 2K, Legic mim256, Legic mim2048, JWL872, SHC1108, Fm1208 are all 13.56MHz chip

3. Ultra High Frequency: Mid long distance smart card(80cm-8M)

Chips Available:- UCODE EPC GEN2/UCODE, ALIEN Higg3 GEN2/ Impinj Monza3 GEN2/Impinj Monza4 are all 850-915MHz chip (UHF chip)